• I joined Hissy Fit in September 2014. I hadn’t ran since I was in school, but Hissy Fit was recommended to me and so I thought I’d give it a try. I loved it from the very first class! At the end of the 6 week beginners course we all did a Parkrun, which was my first organised run. There was a great atmosphere and I felt great after finishing! Soon after this I signed for a couple of 10ks and 5 Mile runs. I continued with Hissy Fit and would train in my own time as well. In October 2015 I was following the Dublin City Marathon and thought ‘I want to do that next year’. I signed up as soon as registration opened and when I told the Hissy Fit crew they were so supportive and encouraging. The advice I received from all the instructors was so valuable and it really boosted my confidence when I started the marathon training. They made me believe I could do it, and that’s what kept me going after a tough training run. Hissy Fit made me the runner I am today and I’m so happy and grateful that!


  • I would just like to say thank you very much to you and your team for your support and kind words with helping me start running. I really enjoyed the beginners group because every week I felt I had achieved something new and it was fun chatting with a great group of girls every week. I was absolutely delighted to complete my first ever 5k race and I'm looking forward to keeping up the running and hopefully working towards 10k now!

Corporate Clients

  • We are always looking for ways to motivate and retain our staff, we found the establishment of Pilates classes and a Running Club to be a fabulous way to build motivation and teamwork within the company. Hissy Fit delivered to perfection.
    David Power, CEO Orix Aviation

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  • On a cold evening in October 2013, I was introduced to Hissy Fit running group. I was the confirmed ‘I don’t run’ person and I really only went along to the group in my dog eaten runners and Penny’s tracksuit to confirm that I was definitely a ‘I don’t run’ person and tick it off the list of things that I was never going to do again in my life. When you meet somebody like Maeve, Hissy Fit owner and personal trainer, it is difficult not be immediately enthralled by her enthusiasm for exercise. I went from the ‘I don’t run’ person to this ‘running lark ain’t bad, I wonder how I can do next week’. Introductory course with Hissy Fit is a couch to 5 km in a wonderfully supportive environment where you don’t realize the distance that you are doing and you are delighted when you have done it. You get to meet a wonderful group of people (other personal instructors are Stephen and Claire and of course all of the girls) & learn a new skill for life. From that dark October evening in 2013, I have remained an avid ‘Hissy Fitter’ and have moved from transition to intermediate groups, completed park runs, from Darkness into Light runs, night time runs, run for charities etc and with each, I have felt such a sense of achievement. Hissy Fit has opened up a door of wanting and needing daily exercise, which was unheard of in my life pre October 2013. Exercise is fantastic for the body and mind and I can easily say that joining Hissy has been one of the best things that I have done in my life.