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We provide specialised, personalised and professional courses and classes in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing to both Corporate and Private sectors.


Hissy Fit Corporate

Hissy Fit Corporate has a range of services. We work with a large variety of companies, with many different needs. From lunch and learns, to in-house classes, to employee challenges we can provide companies with a programme to suit their specific requirements.

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Hissy Fit Pilates – (On-line & In-House)

Hissy Fit Pilates is a regime that anyone can participate in. Pilates specialises in Posture, Breathing, Alignment and Flexibility. The beauty of it is that it is safe for anyone when it is taught correctly. Pilates increases flexibility through the body, so that the body can move optimally. It also can help to correct posture and bring more mobility into the spine.

In today’s society, being sedentary is an all too familiar position we find ourselves in, so the deep stretching and flexibility improves these postural dysfunctions. The breathing element can help with relaxation and it also requires concentration. Concentration and Centring give individuals the opportunity to get out of their heads and into their body’s, a much-needed tonic for us all.

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Running Club

Hissy Fit Runners


Hissy Fit Runners is a female-only running club that specialises in training women regardless of fitness level, age or experience in running. In fact, we love nothing more than to welcome complete Beginners and watch them grow to love and enjoy running.

We have specialised professional Running Coaches, qualified in Chi Running and AI (Athletics Ireland Coaching Cert) Our aim is to teach good form, proper technique and help to prevent injury. We are a social, fun group and have had hundreds of women run with us over the last 7 years.

We’ve watched some of them go from 2 minutes to a marathon, but more importantly, we’ve seen them fall in love with running and helping to change their health, and that is simply amazing!

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Personal Training

Hissy Fit PT (Personal Training)


Hissy Fit PT is extremely varied with many options. Our approach to training is to understand the preferences of each client and adapt a program that they would enjoy and therefore stick to. Screening and listening to exactly what each client needs, helps to shape the right path for them.

We work on a case by case basis and are extremely flexible. Each client will have their specific goals, therefore, no two training programs will be the same. From weights to weight loss, we can help you on your journey.

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