About Hissy Fit

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About Hissy Fit


Hissy Fit started as a personal training company in 2012 but has now diversified into many sectors of expertise including running classes and groups for beginners to experienced runners and Pilates, bot online and in person.

What Hissy Fit provides to our Corporate Companies is:

  • Tailored classes in Pilates, Running and Fitness classes
  • Wellbeing talks on Health and Nutrition
  • Employee challenges that run for 5–7 days and 4-7 weeks

What Hissy Fit provides to the public is:

  • A Running Club with specialised coaches
  • Online Pilates classes from Beginner to Advanced
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training

Our Services

Hissy Fit provides specialised, personalised and professional courses and classes in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing to both Corporate and Private sectors, including running and Pilates classes.

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