What People Are Saying About Hissy Fit



Read some of our testimonials from our brilliant clients here at Hissy Fit and get a feel for what they say about our running and Pilates classes.

“Great course! Really well explained! Great reminders during class! Highly recommend Hissy Fit.”


 “I love your Online Pilates.

Always feel brilliant afterwards. I feel my posture has improved too.”

“Great classes. Maeve is an excellent teacher and instructor. Explains everything very thoroughly which is vital for Pilates.”       

“The course was excellent. Maeve is a very encouraging teacher and gives a lot of detail for each posture which keeps the practice safe. She also varied the class each week, bringing in new elements to make interesting and challenging.

I highly recommend Hissy Fit Pilates”

“I just thought I would let you know how much I am enjoying your Pilates classes. While I seldom make the live class I get great use from the recordings. I have back issues and also had major abdominal surgery two years ago and I must say since taking part in your classes I have never felt stronger, not to mention the lack of stiffness, aches and pains. I’m back playing golf and thankfully my distance has improved immensely.  I hope my handicap improves in the not too distant future.”

“I absolutely love the 5 week Pilates course with Joe. After sitting at a desk for most of the day for work, I tend to get really stiff – The Pilates is really helping me with my posture and flexibility. As well as the live class, I usually use the recording to do an extra session or 2 during the week which is great. Highly recommend Hissy Fit.”


“I joined Hissy Fit in April 2019 having firmly always believed that running was something I just couldn’t do. I had attempted the couch to 5km app on my own beforehand but had to quit half way through due to knee pain. Hissys thought me technique to prevent this. I had planned to do the 6 week course with the aim of completing a 5km park run on my 39th birthday. I got there and further with support from Maeve, the hissy fit trainers and the wonderful hissy fit ladies. Over a year later I am still running and enjoying being physically and mentally fit at 40.”

“I joined the Hissy family in 2016 to improve my running distance I couldn’t go beyond 5km.

Maeve and Stephen have honestly are the best running coaches around.

I have completed 5km 10km and half marathons with them by my side.

Not only is Hissys a great running group it’s has a brilliant social aspect too where like-minded people just want to run and have the chats, not worrying about times or distance.

Through covid Maeve never gave up on our group sending motivational messages and challenge every week.

I couldn’t recommend joining Hissys enough ♥️”

“I really enjoyed the beginners group because every week I felt I had achieved something new and it was fun chatting with a great group of girls every week. I was absolutely delighted to complete my first ever 5k race and I’m looking forward to keeping up the running and hopefully working towards 10k now!”

“I hadn’t ran since I was in school, but Hissy Fit was recommended to me and so I thought I’d give it a try. I loved it from the very first class! At the end of the 6 week beginners course we all did a Parkrun, which was my first organised run. There was a great atmosphere and I felt great after finishing! Soon after this I signed for a couple of 10ks and 5 Mile runs. I continued with Hissy Fit and would train in my own time as well.”

“In October 2015 I was following the Dublin City Marathon and thought ‘I want to do that next year’. I signed up as soon as registration opened and when I told the Hissy Fit crew they were so supportive and encouraging. The advice I received from all the instructors was so valuable and it really boosted my confidence when I started the marathon training. They made me believe I could do it, and that’s what kept me going after a tough training run. Hissy Fit made me the runner I am today and I’m so happy and grateful that!”

“I have attempted to take up running on many occasions, but never seemed to be able to stick to it.

During lockdown, I was challenged to train towards a 5k. Maeve helped me with a programme and checked in on my progress after every run on my Garmin account and was able to give me tips and instructions on how to improve. We worked on distance then moved onto speed. I am now hitting 7k and can’t wait to get to 10k.

The goal now is a half marathon before I am 40.”


CEO David Power

“We are always looking for ways to motivate and retain our staff, we found the establishment of Pilates classes and a Running Club to be a fabulous way to build motivation and teamwork within the company. Hissy Fit delivered to perfection.”



Servicource Healthcare
CEO Declan Murphy

“Lose 30 Ibs in 7 weeks! That’s what team Servi-sorcerers did by taking on
the 777 challenge facilitated by Maeve and the team at Hissy fit.
Combining fun with initiatives to promote a health awareness at work was a great way to get fitter and get teams working together across several
office locations. The Hissy fit team were excellent in planning and executing the program which produced fantastic results in the areas of weight loss, smoking cessation in promoting a healthy mind and body. We
are definitely running this program again as it kept all participants engaged
to the end.”

Occupational Healthcare Co-
Ordinator – Leanne Sheridan

“The 777 Challenge brought great excitement to our workplace over the 7 weeks of the challenge, it increased the moral of all staff & above all our fitness level. Maeve and the Hissy Fit team went above & beyond to help us achieve our goal to be a fitter company within 7 weeks. It was a great success & we hope to do it again next year!”

At Hissy Fit we aim to ensure all our clients, both corporate and private are fully satisfied with our services. Our Online Pilates courses have been really popular in the past 20 months. If you would like to learn more about our Online Pilates courses for you or for your company, please get in touch with the Hissy Fit team today.