In the rat race of the corporate world, it’s very easy for personal priorities to drop off and feeling lethargic and run-down has become the norm. But there’s an easy way to turn this around, by introducing a corporate wellness programme.

It’s vital for both businesses and individuals to take charge of the downward spiral and put  health and wellbeing at the top of their to-do list each day. Hissy Fit has a range of corporate wellness options that can be easily integrated into the workday and the benefits are endless for both employees and employers.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should introduce a corporate wellness programme.

1. Happy body, Happy Mind

With sedentary lifestyles being associated with health risks such as cancer, depression and diabetes, it’s essential that we try to be active every day. It’s vital for corporate businesses to encourage staff to be active and healthy, as this leads to increased fitness levels and, an improved mental state is often reported. By providing a corporate wellness programme for your team you’re on your way to encouraging healthy staff.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

2. Decrease Absenteeism

Healthy individuals often have lower levels of stress and better work attendance. This has a knock-on effect within the workplace as it takes the pressure off other employees in situations where there have been high rates of absenteeism.

3. Team Spirit and Morale

It’s often said that those who play together, stay together, and the team at Hissy Fit can help boost spirits in your office with a range of different wellness options to match varying lifestyles.

Our 777 Corporate Wellness Programme can be tailored to suit your organisations needs. It encourages team work along with health promotion and employee wellness for all. By building bonds among colleagues, you will be well on the way to forming a stronger workforce that is motivated to achieve results together.

4. Productivity

Regular movement and exercise are known to boost endorphins and foster a positive mental attitude. A driven individual means they can focus on the task at hand with a clear mind and avoid the brain fog that lethargy may induce.

You can easily combat tiredness and fatigue by incorporating simple wellness activities into the workday, such as, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing hourly exercises at your desk. This will help improve blood flow and re-energise employees.

5. Corporate Benefits Attract Staff

With so many people leading busy lifestyles workplaces that offer added benefits or perks for taking a job such as gym memberships, in-house yoga or Pilates classes or running clubs, are ideal for supporting a good work-life balance for employees. Health benefits and supportive employers are likely to attract workers and encourage staff retention.

Corporate wellness programmes benefit all involved and there are cost-effective ways in which you can introduce these programmes to your workplace. Investing in corporate wellness reaps many rewards but most importantly you will have happier and healthier employees.


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