During these unprecedented times, it’s become more important than ever to not only look after our personal care, but also inner head health care and cardio care!

Sanitizing, social distancing  washing our hands is now the norm, and may continue to be the norm, as we understand the importance of taking those extra measures of personal hygiene care and saving others getting not only a virus, but a  flu or any other nasties.

Since social distancing has also come into play we are also lacking that ever so friendly competitiveness the gym so often creates, running faster or lifting heavier than we would in our own homes. It’s just too easy to sit down and have a cuppa than push yourself that extra mile or yard!

I now introduce you to Hissy Fit. A fitness club with a twist. Hissy Fit club run by two experts in the field, have created a safe enjoyable haven for not so fit or beginner runners and gym bunnies like me.

A chat room created to spur each other one, friendly and enjoyable competition as other busy professionals, workings mums, mums, guys and other exercise professionals all join in to give you that boost each day.

The day starts off with some awesome positivity, a new goal is created, and all are encouraged to share your fitness peaks and lows throughout the day.

So, when you see your steps lagging, you are most defiantly encouraged to get out and get those up… and guess what it works!

The beauty with Hissy Fit for me, it gives you the encouragement and alternatives to the gym. I was of the opinion you needed weights and equipment to push that booty when in fact you don’t.

Maeve the owner of Hissy, showed us each morning a new Pilates move, then layered. I liked this, as she didn’t overwhelm with too many moves or goals each day, practiced and enjoyed that move and goal and added a new one the next day. Was therefore enjoyable and achievable.

From a girl who said she hated running, but was spurred onto get my steps up, I would encourage anyone to join this group. Even for the social aspect if that’s all what you want. And craving some interaction apart from the kids or the dog at your feet!

The crowd on board are from all walks of life, so lots of stories and fun to be had. Sharing of fitness journeys, anecdotes, struggles, triumphs and some very funny selfies.

From prosecco to tight ropes walks in the garden, from a fall and various victories!

This missy salutes you Hissy! Hissy Fit, a revolution of fitness.

Nicola Walsh