Menopause is a hot topic at the moment and with good reason. So many women are struggling with symptoms and not joining the dots or realising they are perimenopausal / menopausal.

Some useful info to help on the journey.

  • Balance app/website created by Dr Louise Newson – symptom checker
  • Finding a GP that specialises and/or is familiar with what to look out for when it comes to peri/menopause

Menopause can happen at any time, the average age may be mid 40’s to 50’s, many women experience it long before this.

Pilates during perimenopause and menopause is one of a number of exercises that can help not only improve physical fitness but also mental fitness. It is low impact but can help increase flexibility and balance and improve muscle strength.

Main benefits:

  • Builds core strength and postural muscles
  • Helps to promote more mobility in the joints
  • Helps to eliminate stiffness
  • Helps with day-to-day movements
  • Can prevent injury
  • Can lower stress
  • Can assist with sleep
  • Breathwork practice

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