It’s been an interesting 6 months to say the least! It all started off so well, my 5km times were coming down, training was running smoothly (pardon the pun) my sons were in a solid routine and my goal of sub 20 was starting to take shape. That was until a popped clavicle (collar bone) took me to the doctor.

My doctor knows me very well and we have a good rapport, so she suggested a scan of my clavicle and neck as I’d complained of some low-grade neck pain over the years. Turns out there was an issue with the clavicle, but the neck was a much bigger problem. Long story short I needed major surgery! This was a phenomenal shock and a very scary time.

After the surgery I recovered really well and by 12 weeks I was back down to my previous times, my structure and running programme was back on track.

Fast forward 2 months and my family and I all got hit with Covid! It was a horrendous few weeks of fever, aches, fatigue, vertigo you name it, we got it, but thankfully we were the lucky ones that didn’t require hospitalisation! It’s now 4 weeks since the dreaded positive Covid result and I’m back gently running again. The fatigue is still there but less so every week.

One thing since my return, is keeping an eye on my heart rate and training zones. I am frequently entering zone 5 and it happens much faster. My max HR is much higher at a considerably lower pace, this highlights the impact of Covid on my current fitness level. My approach to running at the moment, is to allow my breathing to dictate the pace, not the other way around.

My goal of sub 20 will now be taking a back seat, but to be honest, I’m just delighted to be able to run 5km again without stopping and feeling exhausted after a matter of moments.

Running is a huge part of my life, but life throws many things our way! So, this in turn, makes us constantly must re-evaluate our goals and actually get back to the basics of running. Running for me is many things, the pure joy of being outdoors, connecting with the breath, and experiencing the strides in a comfortable way, not to mention head space!

Thankfully our running club Hissy Fit Runners allows me to train and run again with a fabulous bunch! I’m enjoying the gentle progression and looking forward to maybe even entering a race someday soon.

My sub 20 goal is a little further off than I had planned at the start of 2021, but for the moment I’m happy to settle for a continuous enjoyable run regardless of distance or pace.

It’s been a bizarre year for everyone and if you’ve been unfortunate to have contracted Covid, I wish you a full and speedy recovery.¬† Below I have highlighted some things that helped me in my recovery both from surgery and Covid. Maintaining a positive mindset has also been very beneficial for me.

  • Sleep, rest and easing back into activity
  • Pilates
  • Walking and building back up gradually
  • Hydrate! Lots & lots of water plus Diaoralite
  • Vitamins C, D, Zinc every day
  • Healthy nutrition, lots of veggies & fruit
  • Protein to help in muscular recovery
  • Steaming and saline nasal solution to reduce viral load
  • Breathing exercises and headspace


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