With our next 6-week course just around the corner, it can be quite daunting for people to be the beginner or the ‘newbie’ in the running class.

If you have taken the first step by signing up to our course or any other course, fear not, you have taken that step in the right direction.

Running is an amazing way to get fit, to feel better in yourself and also become part of an amazing community of likeminded runners like you now are.

Taking on a new habit doesn’t have to be hard. It does take a little commitment and there are days where you may not want to go, but as the saying goes ‘you never regret a workout’. I definitely believe this is the case with running. You can only feel good after that run.

As a beginner, the best way to stay committed is to sign up for a race in 6 weeks’ time from the time you began. With a specific date to train towards this will help you to stay focused. If you are training with Hissy Fit, our coaches love nothing more to support our clients by running that race with you if needed and offering encouragement and useful tips along the way.

Most of our beginners will start with a 5k race. (local Park Runs that run every Saturday morning are ideal for this) These runs are relaxed and include a mix of runners and walkers, so you won’t feel under so much pressure.

To stay on top of things and to stick with that commitment, it is always best to have a training plan. Our classes run twice per week on a Tuesday and Thursday so it’s advised to set a third day a side for your running ‘homework’.

What should you wear?

Basic items that you will need when starting out are a decent pair of trainers and for the ladies, a sports bra. After that, make sure whatever you are wearing is comfortable to move in. If you are uncomfortable when running, you will most definitely find it difficult to stick to it.

When choosing a pair of trainers, it would be best for you to go into your local sports store and try some on. Every person is different, one brand might give one-person cramps or blisters in their feet, but they are the most comfortable trainers in the world for someone else. Figure out what is best for you and go with it.

What next?

Now all you have to do is lace up and begin that running journey.

Remember, allow yourself to be a beginner, don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone who runs has been in your shoes.

Our next running course starts on October 30th, to find out more, visit our website or contact us at hello@hissyfit.ie