With clubs being closed over the last year, it has been really encouraging to see so many people put on their trainers and take up running.

The benefits of running are endless. For some, it can be addictive. One thing we really need to keep on top of is avoiding injury where possible. A good plan and good running technique is key.

Here are our top tips for Running Through Lockdown

  • Set yourself 3 days a week that you can commit to!
  • Mix up the runs, try not to do the same distance/pace every time, it gets boring!
  • Work on your running posture

Day 1 – pay attention to your breathing

Breathing – if the breathing is laboured, slow the pace down, try to keep breathing stabilised and ideally you could hold a brief chat.

Day 2 – work on the lower half of the body, hips, legs and feet.

Lower body, engage the core (abdominal) slightly by gently leaning forward keeping an aligned spine, not bending from the waist. Keep the legs and ankles relaxed and loose, avoid a heavy land. Strike the ground soft and aim for a mid-foot controlled fall.

Day 3 – work on the upper half of the body, your head, shoulders and arms.

Upper body, keep the head upright, imagine a piece of string pulling you up from the crown, eye line looking in front not down. Relax the shoulders and avoid shrugging them upwards. Keep the chest open and your shoulder blades back. A 90 degree arm swing with elbows going back and avoid crossing the mid line of the body.

  • Take breaks when you need to, who said that walking in between wasn’t ok?
  • Run with a friend and enjoy the social element (restrictions permitting)
  • Join our club! We have a dedicated Whatsapp group, where we offer advice on running technique, training plans, races and a lot more! We will keep you going until we can all be back running together again!

If you would like more information on how we can help you with your running technique – you can contact hello@hissyfit.ie or DM us on Facebook or Instagram

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